Wanted: narrative producer at Playrix, game analyst at Playnet and lead game designer at Rhino Games.

The selection was prepared by Marina Lopatina, Director of Business Development of Talents In Games. Recall that this is a job search service and a recruitment agency.

Marina LopatinaNarrative producer in Playrix (Remote work)

Playrix is one of the top 3 largest mobile game developers in the world. She is looking for an experienced narrative producer.


  • development and evaluation of a narrative for key tasks;
  • control of development processes and planning of project development from the point of view of narrative;
  • assessment of key tasks according to the schedule.


  • experience in leading positions in game design, narrative or production;
  • experience working on narrative-related tasks;
  • portfolio of released game projects;
  • knowledge of the free-play games market;
  • desire to develop games for mobile platforms;
  • ability to articulate and express your thoughts clearly;
  • the ability to motivate the team and lead it to success.

HomescapesGame Analyst at Playneta (Saint Petersburg, Russia)

Playneta is a St. Petersburg studio developing games for mobile and social networks. She is known for the titles Kiss Kiss and FOG. Now the studio is in search of a game analyst.


  • creating dashboards of statistics with visualization of game indicators;
  • providing product managers with primary analytics results, searching for dependencies;
  • dashboards support is up to date.


  • higher specialized education (mathematics, statistics, economics, analytics);
  • work experience as an analyst for at least a year;
  • knowledge of SQL query language;
  • ability to work with Google Sheets or Excel.

FOGLeading Game Designer at Rhino Games (Remote work)

Rhino Games is a gaming division of the marketing agency Rhino Digital. The company is working on a narrative game in the Slavic fantasy setting for PC. She needs a leading game designer.


  • formation of the project’s gameplay vision;
  • comprehensive work on the co-gameplay of the project;
  • working with the technical part of the project — assembling mechanics, levels, etc.;
  • game balance development;
  • support of programmers’ tasks and close work with the narrative;
  • the ability to combine mechanics with the plot;
  • understanding Unity technical specifications,
  • documentation management — to write GDD (game design documentation), collect the results of research, etc.


  • at least three years of experience as a game designer;
  • great gaming experience on different platforms;
  • willingness to work both alone and in a team;
  • understanding how key game mechanics and metrics work;
  • knowledge of the basics of probability theory and mathematical statistics;
  • observation and the ability to evaluate art, level design, narrative;
  • initiative and engagement;
  • the ability to calmly accept criticism.