Wanted: HR business partner at Belka Games, 3D animator at Zefir Games, motion designer at Liniad and project manager at Playkot.

On the basis of the job search service and the Talents In Games recruiting agency, product manager Marina Lopatina has prepared a selection of the most interesting vacancies for the week.

Marina Lopatina

HR Business Partner at Belka Games (Remote Work)

The international company Belka Games, known for the games Clockmaker and Funky Bay, is in search of a modern and open HR business partner. It is necessary to build a trusting relationship with the team, understand its mood and influence it.


  • “keep your finger on the pulse” — feel the atmosphere in the team and anticipate possible changes, as well as be able to influence the situation in time if necessary;
  • building trusting relationships with the team;
  • support of adaptation of new employees;
  • conducting a monthly employee assessment, conducting a review;
  • resolution of difficult situations, support of the dismissal process, conducting exit-interview;
  • support of the internal and external learning process;
  • development and maintenance of corporate culture;
  • supervising corporate events;
  • participation in events aimed at strengthening the HR-brand;
  • applying the best HR practices from the gamedev industry.


  • work experience of at least 3 years in the position of HR Business Partner/People’s Partner/HR Generalist in a company of at least 100 people;
  • understanding the specifics of the IT/gamedev industry;
  • professional, constructive, flexible and creative approach to solving problems;
  • the ability to win over and build trusting relationships with employees;
  • ability to plan working hours and prioritize in a multitasking environment;
  • attention to detail and initiative;
  • strategic thinking, focus on business results.


3D animator at Zefir Games (Remote work)

Zefi Games, which is an internal studio of Playrix, is in search of a talented 3D animator with experience in 3Ds Max and ZBrush.


  • creation of models of production assets, characters, map elements;
  • creating UV scans of characters and objects;
  • full character/asset setup (rigging, skinning);
  • animation of plants/factories, objects on the map;
  • animation of characters and animals;
  • export, preparation of animations for insertion into the engine, configuration;
  • creation of environment effects, complex effects;
  • work with partial systems;
  • participation in the creation of animations for cg videos and animation inserts.


  • the presence of a portfolio is mandatory;
  • excellent command of 3Ds Max (Maya, Blender are also possible);
  • the ability to sculpt in ZBrush;
  • knowledge and use of the principles of classical animation;
  • deep understanding of the plastic movement of anthropomorphic characters and animals;
  • understanding the technical aspects of three-dimensional animation;
  • experience in animation — more than 2 years;
  • ability to work in Spine is desirable;
  • academic art education will be a plus.

Motion Graphic Designer in Liniad (Remote work)

Marketing and production company Liniad is looking for a motion designer to create videos in After Effects for leading game developers.


  • create videos in After Effects for various mobile and desktop games.


  • ability to work independently, high motivation and desire to grow and learn;
  • in-house knowledge and a complete understanding of the principles of work in After Effects;
  • knowledge of English is required.
  • the ability to work with other Adobe products will be an advantage;
  • 3D design skills will be a plus;
  • proven experience in the gaming industry will also be an advantage.

Project manager (gamedev) in Playkot (Remote Work)

St. Petersburg studio Playkot, known for the games “Supercity” and Age of Magic, is looking for a project manager. It is necessary to monitor and develop pipeline developments, as well as launch new projects.


  • distribution of goals and tasks for team members on planning;
  • continuous improvement of the production pipeline and search for opportunities to increase productivity;
  • maintaining the overall context in the team;
  • organization and presentation of the results of the sprint by the whole team;
  • work with external contractors and individual contributors in compliance with key deadlines and quality level;
  • launching new projects within development, synchronizing with PO, fixing the roadmap and achieving the set goals.


  • technical background and ability to speak the same language with developers
  • experience in the role of PM for at least 1 year in an IT company (very cool if it was a gaming company);
  • the desire to continue developing as a project manager;
  • knowledge of modern methodologies, experience in their application, and Scrum, Kanban and Agile are not an empty phrase for you.

Age of Magic