Wanted: game designer/screenwriter at Friday’s Games, advertising monetization manager at Belka Games and project manager at RJ Games.

On the basis of the job search service and the Talents In Games recruiting agency, product manager Marina Lopatina has prepared a selection of the most interesting vacancies for the week.

Marina LopatinaGame Designer/Screenwriter (Middle) at Friday’s Games (Saint Petersburg, Russia)

Friday’s Games studio, known for Treasures of Montezuma 3, Natalie Brooks and Gods&Glory, is in search of a game designer/screenwriter to work on a new Farmscapes project. Having gained the necessary experience, there is a prospect of becoming a senior game designer.


  • interact with the screenwriter:come up with leads to game situations, create all the basic script texts;
  • to work out the character, history, speech features of characters — both existing and from scratch;
  • create game scenes inside a given plot.
  • Requirements:

  • at least 1 year of experience as a narrative game designer/screenwriter;when responding, attach a link to the project, if the content you created can be reached in half an hour, then specify how.
  • If it is impossible to walk in half an hour, then a link to the project and a general description of your tasks in the project are enough. The company respects any other experience of working with scenarios (game quests in reality, events, the creation of artistic texts), but we are talking about the experience of scenario work in a game project.Farmscapes

Advertising Monetization Manager at Belka Games (Remote work)

The international company Belka Games, known for the games Clockmaker and Funky Bay, is looking for an ambitious and responsible specialist for the position of advertising monetization manager (Ad Monetization Manager).


  • setting up advertising waterfalls for mediation;daily traffic monitoring and prompt response to emergency situations;
  • interaction with current partners and mediators.
  • Search for new partners;interaction with project teams, User Acquisition and analytics departments to collect, analyze and improve monetization metrics of projects;
  • providing reports on a regular basis and on request.
  • Requirements:

  • experience with mobile traffic monetization from 1 year;knowledge of dashboards of advertising networks and experience with mediation;
  • experience working with monetization analytics;
  • Upper-Intermediate and higher English level;
  • working with Excel / Google Spreadsheets.
  • Funky Bay

Project Manager in RJ Games (Remote Work)

RJ Games Studio is in search of a production group manager to work on a new Puzzle Breakers — match-3 project with RPG elements. It is necessary to engage in strategic planning of product development, as well as R&D in new areas of the project.


  • project production team management (defining the scope and control of tasks, requirements, deadlines, as well as planning, documentation);coordination of participants in the direction of project production;
  • team loading control, integration of new specialists;
  • people management (conducting personal and team meetings, mood monitoring, 1×1).
  • Requirements:

  • experience in game development from 3 years;it is important to understand the development process and the overall product logic;
  • experience in managing a team of at least 10 people;
  • experience of interaction with colleagues performing high-level roles (managers, producers, leads);
  • planning skills, task decomposition, documentation (fall-ups, diagrams, tables);
  • good theoretical base (knowledge of modern technologies, principles, methods, means and forms of management);
  • structurality, the ability to present your thoughts and ideas in writing and orally;
  • experience working with gant planners;
  • experience working with Asana, GSuite, Migo (or analogues).
  • Puzzle Breakers