Wanted: producer of creatives at WazzApps, game designer of VR games at SPL and art director at Mobirate.

On the basis of the job search service and the Talents In Games recruiting agency, product manager Marina Lopatina has prepared a selection of the most interesting vacancies for the week.

Marina LopatinaMarketing Creatives Producer/

Producer of creatives in WAZZAPPS (Remotely or Novosibirsk, Russia)

WazzApps is a mobile game developer known for the projects Human Evolution, TapTower and Idle Streamer. Now he is in search of a producer who understands how players think and sell them the game.


  • analysis of competitors’ creatives;creating creative scripts (video creatives, HTML5 creatives);
  • ASO (icon and screenshots) and pictures;
  • managing a team to create marketing creatives (concept artist, modeler/animator, motion designer).Requirements:

  • marketing background;understanding advertising production processes;
  • project management experience;
  • having seen enough of working creatives;
  • the ability to negotiate, present and explain.
  • Idle Streamer

Game Designer VR in SPL (Remotely or Saint Petersburg, Russia)

SPL is a software developer who collaborates with companies such as Electronic Arts, Bandai Namco, Square Enix and Alfa—Bank. The studio is looking for a game designer specializing in VR.


  • write GDD (game design documentation);create scenarios for VR games;
  • develop a roadmap;
  • develop concepts for new VR games and work out game mechanics;
  • adjust game balance and monetization;
  • develop and implement new game mechanics;
  • interact with screenwriters, artists and developers;
  • track current trends in the VR market and implement them;
  • help in the development of product analytics;
  • work with game metrics.
  • Requirements:

  • knowledge and understanding of game graphics optimization features for mobile platforms;understanding the basics of working with 3D content;
  • ability to work with Git;
  • experience as a game designer for at least 2 years;
  • the desire to perfect the details of the project;
  • systematic thinking, the ability to correctly formulate and communicate your thoughts orally and in writing.
  • Art Director at Mobirate (Remotely or Ulyanovsk, Russia)

Mobirate is located in Ulyanovsk. This studio is a veteran of mobile development. The company has been noted for 17 years of operation, including such projects as Parking Mania, Dead Ahead and RoverCraft.  In total, Mobirate has developed more than 30 games with a total audience of 250 million players. Now the company is in search of an art director for the Big Rig Racing project.


  • form the visual style of the project;work with the team, give feedback, make edits;
  • develop artists: participate in the analysis of work, act as a mentor;
  • improve approaches to creating art: develop and improve pipelines, search and learn new/optimal tools;
  • develop guidelines and instructions for 2D and 3D artists;
  • conduct artistic and design analysis of the project and competitors’ games;
  • interact with producers and members of the development team.
  • Requirements:

  • work experience as an art director or lead artist in game projects for at least 2 years;experience with 2D, 3D;
  • excellent understanding of UX and how to create a positive impression of the game through visual (color, composition, animations, response from the game, etc.);
  • understanding of the mobile games market, watching;
  • good sense of composition, shape, lighting and color.
  • Ability to work in different styles;excellent communication skills, goodwill, desire to reach mutual understanding with the team;
  • the ability to clearly and structurally formulate and express your thoughts, give a correct and understandable feedback;
  • the ability to perceive constructive feedback and use it for their own development.
  • Big Rig Racing