We are publishing a new list with gaming vacancies. This week they are wanted: a game designer at Airicore, a senior 2D artist at Belka Games and an event coordinator at WN Media Group.

The selection was prepared by Marina Lopatina, Director of Business Development of Talents In Games. Recall that this is a job search service and a recruitment agency.

Marina Lopatina

Game Designer / Product Owner in Airicore (Remote work)

Airicore is a mobile game developer specializing in hyper-casual projects. The studio worked on such titles as State.io , Clash of Dots and Dead Raid. The total audience of its games exceeds 85 million people.

The studio is looking for an experienced game designer who can lead the development team.


  • be responsible for core gameplay, game balance and economy. Optional — for level design;
  • analyze project metrics, put forward hypotheses for their improvement, form A/B tests;
  • analyze the state of the market, make competitive analysis and propose changes to the development roadmap;
  • write and update documentation, formulate technical tasks.


  • work experience in a similar position on commercial projects for at least three years or having your own projects in app stores;
  • confident command of the Unity engine. It is necessary to understand how to assemble scenes, configure assets and configurations, work with the design of locations;
  • understanding market trends and monetization strategies;
  • experience working with analytics and making decisions based on data;
  • activity, initiative, creativity and a great gaming experience.

Dead Raid

Senior 2D Artist at Belka Games (Remote Work)

Belka Games is a developer and publisher that specializes in mobile games. The company is primarily known for such titles as Solitaire Cruise, Bermuda Adventures and Clockmaker. In total, her projects have collected over 100 million downloads.

The company needs a Senior-level 2D artist who is ready to engage in casual games.


  • working on a casual adventure game for mobile platforms;
  • creating a variety of art content: from complex illustrations to icons;
  • creating art for the main features of the game;
  • if necessary, perform complex tasks in your expert field.


  • work experience in a similar position in a gaming company for at least three years;
  • the presence of casual games in the portfolio;
  • excellent understanding of composition, shape, color and anatomy;
  • excellent rendering and conceptualization skills;
  • the ability to create 2D graphics in Adobe Photoshop. It is necessary to have a professional certificate;
  • basic knowledge of 3D packages. Preferably Blender;
  • experience in creating isometric images, illustrations, characters, design elements, icons and other types of art content;
  • the ability to quickly adapt to the style of the project and develop it;
  • understanding the ultimate goals for which art games are created;
  • it will be a plus:
    1. understanding how UI/UX is created for mobile games;
    2. the ability to create a visual style of a project from scratch.


Event Coordinator at WN Media Group (Saint Petersburg, Russia)

WN Media Group is engaged in the development of the B2B ecosystem. It includes business events WN Events, an online platform for events WN Hub, media App2Top and GameWorldObserver, as well as a job search service and recruitment agency Talents In Games.

Now WN Media Group is looking for a clear and structured event coordinator for the WN Events team.


1) support of partner online events:

  • interaction with sales managers: getting information about an online event, defining a training plan and tasks for it;
  • working with partners conducting the event: consulting, collecting and providing the necessary information;
  • coordination on the day of the events;
  • document management.

2) remote coordination of offline events from the office:

  • work with contractors in the preparation of offline events: coordination, coordination of work, tracking the timely implementation of agreements;
  • document management for the event.

3) assistance in conducting clients’ online and offline events:

  • assistance to sales managers in documentary and organizational support of clients before the event.


  • fluency in spoken and written English. Knowledge of the language at the level not lower than Upper Intermediate;
  • competent Russian language and business correspondence skills;
  • experience in organizing offline and online events;
  • excellent communication skills, the ability to build relationships with colleagues and customers within the framework of the project;
  • ability to maintain financial documents: contracts, invoices, acts, estimates and more;
  • fast learnability, structurality and attentiveness;
  • experience in the gaming industry will be a big plus.