Facebook is suing the company “Eco” from St. Petersburg. The latter has owned the Oculus brand for five years and can produce video games, medicines and other types of goods under it.

Kommersant writes about this today. According to the publication, the “daughter” of the social network — Facebook Technologies — in April filed a lawsuit in the intellectual property rights court.

In 2015, Eco registered the Oculus brand in Russia in relation to a variety of goods and services. She can sell online games, medicines, animal care products, plants and even sauna services under this label.

However, its Oculus brand is not valid in all classes of goods and services. Facebook is in the same situation. The social network registered this trademark in Russia for goods of other classes.

Under the Oculus brand, the VR company owned by Facebook is the most famous in the world. She deals with both virtual reality headsets and software.

Sergey Zuikov, Managing Partner of Zuikov & Partners, noted in a comment for Kommersant that Facebook has every chance to win the case. At least, the court will partially satisfy the claim, he is sure.

“If the defendant does not provide evidence of the use of the trademark for the relevant services over the past three years, and Facebook proves a bona fide interest in its use, then the claim will be satisfied,” expert Maxim Labzin agrees with Zuikov.

The exclusive rights of Eco to the Oculus brand in a number of classes will be valid for another five years, unless the court decides otherwise. The first court hearing will be held on June 15.

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