Apple has changed the prices in the App Store for a number of regions again. We are also talking about Ukraine. This is due to a new local law that obliges international Internet companies to pay VAT of 20% on the territory of the country.Apple announced the pricing policy changes to the developers on January 12.

In Ukraine, Bahrain and Zimbabwe, the cost of not only the applications themselves, but also all in-app purchases (with the exception of automatically renewed subscriptions) will increase. At the same time, the developers’ revenue will be adjusted accordingly, excluding taxes.

Apple has also published updated prices for the above countries. For example, for Ukraine, the minimum cost of the application will now be $1.19, and the maximum is $1199.99.

The price increase is due to changes in the tax laws of these countries.

On January 1, the so-called “Google tax” came into force in Ukraine. According to it, international Internet companies will be required to pay VAT in the amount of 20% on the territory of the country. The law covers services related to the supply of images, audiovisual works, as well as software and updates to it

According to RBC Ukraine, such changes may lead to an increase in the cost of Internet services. For example, Facebook has already warned business account owners about the 20 percent markup, which came into effect on January 1. Google made a similar appeal.

As for Apple, on January 12, it also announced price changes in a number of other countries. For example, the cost of applications in Oman, Tajikistan and the Bahamas will remain the same. However, the revenue of developers in these regions will be adjusted in accordance with the new tax rules.

Taxation of electronic and audiobooks has changed in three more countries. In Austria, the tax rose from 5% to 10%, and in Latvia and Romania, on the contrary, it decreased to 5%.