During a conversation with investors, Netflix spoke in more detail about its gaming ambitions. The company will really add games to the service and will focus on mobile projects first. Netflix calls Epic Games one of its main competitors.The company’s executives shared information after the publication of the financial report for the second quarter (ended June 30).

Netflix’s plans for the development of the gaming directionNetflix treats games as another way to expand its business.

  • The company draws an analogy with the production of its own original content, which at one time helped to increase the audience of the service.”The games will be included in the Netflix subscription and will not require an additional fee — just like movies and TV series,” the company noted.
  • First, Netflix intends to focus on titles for mobile devices.
  • Now the company is at an early stage of implementing a new strategy. At the same time, the gaming direction will be built on the basis of Netflix’s previous attempts to enter the territory of interactive entertainment — like the movie “Black Mirror: Bandashmyg” and games on Stranger Things.The company will create games based on its numerous IP addresses.
  • At the same time, Netflix plans to develop completely original projects and license titles from other companies.The company clarified that it will not give priority to any one direction in the future – be it movies, TV series or games.
  • “These initiatives are designed to expand our great service. But we are a one-product company,” said CEO Reed Hastings.Now Netflix is fighting for screen time with many companies from different fields.
  • Among its main competitors, the service named YouTube, Epic Games and TikTok.Earlier, the plans of Netflix to open a gaming direction were reported by Bloomberg.

It will be headed by Mike Verdu, the former head of the Electronic Arts mobile division. According to journalists, the company is now assembling a development team, and the first games will appear in the service in 2022.

It’s worth noting that Netflix is having a little trouble attracting a new audience right now. In the second quarter, only 1.54 million new users signed up for the service — the lowest figure in several years. Against this background, the opening of the game direction looks like a logical step.