Apple summed up the results of the year for the App Store. The company said that since the launch of the store in 2008, developers of applications with digital content have earned $ 260 billion. Of these, they raised $60 billion * only in 2021 — this is a new record.

*Apple did not specify the figure of $60 billion in its report. But a year earlier, she reported that since the appearance of the App Store, such developers have earned $ 200 billion. Therefore, it is possible to calculate what their income was for 2021.

The company did not specify how much the game developers received in total for the year. But according to analyst Daniel Ahmad, they accounted for over 60% of total revenue, i.e., at least $36 billion.

At the same time, Apple noted that the current winter holidays turned out to be the most monetary for developers in the entire history of the App Store. She did not name the exact amount, indicating only that users spent twice as much in applications with digital content as in 2020. Most likely, we are talking about $ 3.6 billion, since it is known that at this time a year ago, such applications earned $ 1.8 billion.

It is unknown how much the App Store itself earned in 2021. It is also unknown whether the commission charged by Apple was taken into account in the income of developers. It should be noted that earlier Phil Schiller, the former vice president of marketing of the company, stated that from 2008 to 2020, Apple earned about $ 20 billion on commission.