Odnoklassniki launched the direction of hyper-casual games. Developers of such projects will not only be able to launch their games on the social network, but will also receive additional opportunities for monetization.A separate section with hyper-casual games appeared on the Odnoklassniki game showcase.

  • developers can now choose the genre of hyper-casual games when submitting a game for moderation;Odnoklassniki will simplify the process of launching such games and provide them with a separate feature on their platform;
  • developers of hyper—casual games do not necessarily have to monetize their titles with in-game payments – just advertising monetization is enough;
  • as for advertising, developers of hyper-casual projects have two ways of monetization available: rewarded ads (reward for viewing) and interstitial ads (shown in between gameplay);
  • The social network has also lowered the requirements for metrics and API integration for hyper-casual games.
  • For more information about the terms and conditions, see the developer documentation.Hyper-casual games will be launched natively in the Odnoklassniki app, but so far only on Android.

Due to Apple’s policies and restrictions, iOS users will only be able to play these projects through a separate pop-up window in a mobile browser. However, the company promises to solve this problem soon.