The year 2021 has already become the largest in the history of the Nintendo Switch in terms of the number of new releases. Over the past two months, almost 200 fresh games have appeared on the platform on average.Statistics on new releases for Nintendo Switch were shared by Thomas Bidaux, founder of Ico Partners.

He compared the number of recent games released on the console over the past three years.

In the first ten months of 2021, 1,672 new titles appeared on Switch — this is only seven games less than in the entire previous year.

Bido himself does not understand what exactly is connected with such a surge of new releases this month. In October, this figure was 195 games.

Gaming expert Simon Carless called this statistic “intriguing” and noted: “I wonder if Switch games will be able to stay at the level of 200 releases per month until the end of 2021?”