Apple is changing its work with promo codes for subscriptions in the App Store. Developers have the opportunity to compose codes themselves and use them for a large audience.

The first promo codes for buying discounted subscriptions were launched in the App Store in 2020, after the release of iOS 14. They were generated automatically in the App Store Connect and could only be used once. In other words, the developer had to generate a unique code for each individual user.

Now Apple has decided to launch in addition to them another type of codes — “custom promo codes”. They differ from the previous ones in two key points:

  • the developer writes the text for the code himself. It can be, for example, SPRING2022, NEWYEAR or any other combination of words and numbers;
  • multiple users can use the same code at once.

As Apple points out, with the help of new promo codes, it will be easier for developers to conduct large-scale advertising campaigns. Note that during the quarter, a developer can create no more than 150,000 such codes for one application. “Custom promo codes” are available for devices running iOS 14.1 and later.

You can read more about working with promo codes here.