Roblox has been growing rapidly over the past year, and now the company has decided to sum up the results of 2021. She published a report in which she told a little about the audience of the platform, the genre preferences of users and the geography of developers.

Recall that since last spring, Roblox has been calling games inside its platform an “experience”. According to the company, the projects hosted on it are something more than just games. In particular, virtual concerts and other events can take place on the platform.

All data in the report is relevant for November 2021.

The main thing from the report

  • Last year, an average of 49.4 million active users visited the Roblox platform daily. For comparison, in 2020 its DAU was one and a half times lower — 32.6 million people.
  • On average, each user visited about 40 unique projects per year. 26,953 “experiments” were visited more than 100 thousand times, and 107,737 “experiments” collected more than 10 thousand visits.

  • Top 5 most popular genres: role-playing projects, action games, simulators, platformers and taikuns. The company also noted a surge in popularity among anime and horror.
  • The top three most visited titles included Brookhaven (12.2 billion visits), Tower of Hell and Adopt Me!.

  • As for the most earning projects, their list is not much different from the one mentioned above. The most money went to Adopt Me!., followed by Welcome to Bloxburg, closes the top three Brookhaven.
  • The most engaged users in 2021 were residents of the USA, Brazil and the UK. Russians were also included in this list and took the sixth place. As Roblox notes, residents of all these countries have spent over a billion hours on the platform (and residents of countries ranked 7-10 spent more than 100 million hours).

  • Last year, the number of female developers joining Roblox for the first time increased by 353% compared to 2020. The number of male developers increased by 323%.
  • Most Roblox developers live in the USA. There are also a lot of them in Brazil and Russia.

  • Separately, the company listed the top countries by the number of “creators” (Roblox Creators). How they differ from the developers, she did not explain. But the USA, Brazil and the Philippines are leading here (Russia is moving to fourth place).