On July 4, the studio miHoYo released its new action RPG, Zenless Zone Zero, on PC, PlayStation 5, and mobile devices. We referred to data from the analytics service AppMagic and looked at how the mobile version of the project performed at launch.

Zenless Zone Zero

  • Since its release, Zenless Zone Zero has earned $3.99 million on mobile devices. This revenue from IAP is after miHoYo paid mobile store commissions and taxes.
  • For comparison: the mobile revenue for Genshin Impact on its debut day was $4.6 million, and for Honkai: Star Rail — $8.3 million.
  • The most profitable markets for the new game were China ($2.3 million), Japan ($789.2 thousand), and the USA ($440.4 thousand).
  • According to AppMagic, Zenless Zone Zero amassed 5.89 million downloads. Before launch, the game had over 47.5 million pre-registrations across all platforms.
  • Zenless Zone Zero was most actively downloaded by users in the USA (879.2 thousand downloads), China (771.6 thousand downloads), and Indonesia (392.7 thousand downloads). Russia ranked fifth among countries with 249.7 thousand downloads.