On May 22, 2024, the Chinese company Kuro Games released the role-playing gacha game Wuthering Waves on PC and smartphones. We referred to data from the AppMagic service and took a look at the initial results of the mobile version of the project.

Wuthering Waves

  • By the evening of May 26, Wuthering Waves had earned $9.74 million from IAP. This is after Kuro Games paid mobile store commissions and taxes.
  • The main markets for the game were China ($3.7 million), Japan ($1.69 million), and the USA ($1.62 million).
  • Wuthering Waves was downloaded 5.93 million times.
  • Wuthering Waves is most popular in China (1.5 million downloads), the USA (1.07 million downloads), and Indonesia (443.2 thousand downloads). Russia ranked fifth among countries with 278.2 thousand downloads.

For comparison: Genshin Impact, which is often compared to Wuthering Waves, earned over $24 million in revenue and accumulated 6.7 million downloads on mobile devices in the first five days.