Mobile developer and publisher Wildlife Studios, known primarily for Tennis Clash and Zooba games, has conducted a new round of layoffs. This time, the company cut 133 employees.


The dismissals were announced by the Game Developer portal. Initially, he noticed that many farewell posts from former employees of the company appeared on LinkedIn, and then received a comment from Wildlife Studios itself.

"Today, Wildlife Studios has made the difficult decision to part with 21% of our employees as part of a restructuring," a Wildlife Studios representative said in a Game Developer comment. "We thank the employees who left us for their contribution, and promise to provide them with assistance during this difficult period. We are now focused on building a smaller and more flexible company, but we will continue to invest in new games."

Wildlife Studios has been making massive cuts for the third year in a row. In November 2022, she fired 300 people, and in June 2023 - 143 people.

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Game Developer