Astrum Entertainment and MY.GAMES have entered into an agreement regarding the Warface shooter. Under its terms, Astrum Entertainment got the rights and brand of the game, and MY.GAMES got its code.

In a comment to Kommersant, Astrum Entertainment announced that it would support Warface only on the Russian market and distribute it through VK Play. The company intends to independently develop the game based on the interests of the audience.

As for MY.GAMES, she plans to make a new version of the game based on the Warface code. The project will be available in the company’s own launcher, as well as on Steam and Epic Games Store.

According to representatives of MY.GAMES, the deal was cashless: “At the time of the separation of the project, none of the companies receives any benefit. In the future, each will independently generate revenue from their own versions of products.” However, the source of Kommersant claims that MY.GAMES could pay $100-150 million for the code.

Astrum Entertainment Press Release
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