On November 2, Blizzard Entertainment released the Warcraft Rumble mobile strategy for global release. According to the analytical service AppMagic, in the first six days the game earned $ 3.4 million from microtransactions — this is already minus the commission to the stores and taxes.

Almost half of the amount came from the United States — $1.66 million. Germany ($278.3 thousand) and Taiwan ($194.8 thousand) also entered the top three main markets at the box office.

Warcraft Rumble has been downloaded 2.56 million times since its release. The game collected the most downloads in the USA (634.9 thousand), Germany (179.8 thousand) and France (178.8 thousand).

If we take into account the softlonch period (the game has been in it since August 9, 2023), the Warcraft Rumble indicators will be higher. For all time, the strategy's revenue is $4.34 million, and downloads are 2.93 million.

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