Chinese gamers can play War Robots again. MY.GAMES has announced that, in partnership with publisher iDreamSky, it has re-released the shooter in local mobile app stores.

War Robots

Recall that MY.GAMES removed War Robots from Chinese sites in December 2020. She had to do this because the title did not have an ISBN registration number, without which it is forbidden to distribute games in the country. It was possible to get it only in March 2023.

According to MY.GAMES, China was one of the largest markets for War Robots. It accounted for 20% of the downloads of the iOS version of the game collected by 2021.

"The return of our key project to China has always been in the plans of MY.GAMES," said Elena Grigoryan, CEO of the company. "Shooters are one of the most downloaded genres in the country. This opens up new opportunities for further growth of War Robots."

MY.GAMES announced that it has seriously redesigned the Chinese version of War Robots: it has added fresh content, functions and modes, and the game has improved graphics.

War Robots is a box office hit by MY.GAMES. According to the company, in April 2023, its revenue exceeded $750 million. By August 2023, the number of registered users in War Robots reached 250 million people.

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