On April 14, War Robots celebrated its tenth anniversary. On this occasion, MY.GAMES company talked about the game's revenue and other metrics.

War Robots

Here is the data that MY.GAMES revealed:

  • at the start, War Robots demonstrated not the most impressive performance by modern standards. If the game had been released not in 2014, but now, then it could have been closed;
  • War Robots has been downloaded just over a million times in its debut year. Three years later, the shooter's audience has already reached 100 million people. Now the total number of registered users in the mobile and PC versions of the game exceeds 270 million people;
  • In 2023 alone, 28 million people signed up for War Robots;
  • The monthly active audience of War Robots is 5 million people. About 600 thousand people play every day;
  • to date, the total revenue of War Robots has exceeded 900 million dollars;
  • The game is regularly included in the top 5 highest-grossing shooters in the USA, Japan, Germany, Great Britain and South Korea. In the United States alone, she earned more than $350 million.

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