Volition is one of the many studios affected by the restructuring of the Embracer Group. Six months after its closure, a group of former studio employees decided to reconvene to work on games together.

Shapeshifter Games calls itself a game development studio. She intends to help third-party developers and publishers with the creation of large-budget projects.

The studio is already "working with a leading publisher on his next grand IP." Shapeshifter Games may be collaborating with one of the Xbox divisions — a mention of this can be seen in the LinkedIn profile of lighting designer AJ Nelson.

Shapeshifter Games was headed by Matt Madigan, the former chief financial officer of Volition.

Prominent Shapeshifter Games employees also include:

  • Studio director Rob Loftus is the former chief producer of Volition. He also worked at companies such as Activision Blizzard and Vivendi, where he produced F.E.A.R, Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena, Call of Duty: World at War — Final Fronts and many other games;
  • Studio director Brian Traficante is the former creative director of Volition. Previously, he was an art director at Ubisoft Montreal and an environment artist at Mythic Entertainment.;
  • Level Designer Jeff Touchstone is a former lead level designer at Volition. In addition to Volition, he has worked at Arkane Studios, Raven Software and Electronic Arts;
  • Programmer David Andsager is a former chief programmer at Volition, who has worked in the studio since 1997. He participated in the creation of games in the series FreeSpace, Red Faction, Saints Row and Summoner.

Shapeshifter Games is based in Champaign, USA. Volition used to be located there.

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