A new gaming company has emerged in Cyprus. Industry veterans Alexander Zaitsev, Anton Sinelnikov, and Alexander Kravchuk have launched a studio named Juicy Button Games.

For Zaitsev and Sinelnikov, this is not their first experience in opening a studio. Zaitsev is one of the founders of Panoramik Games, and Sinelnikov is a co-founder of Cubic Games. As for Kravchuk, he worked for more than six years at Fusion Core as the Chief Operating Officer, where he, among other things, oversaw the development of the MMO Total Battle.

The debut game of Juicy Button Games will be a mobile 4X strategy. The studio is not ready to share details yet but claims it will be an "innovative" project.

Juicy Button Games received $3 million from investors to develop the game. The funding round was led by The Games Fund.

Press Release on the Launch of Juicy Button Games
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