All-Russian Center for the Study of Public Opinion (VTsIOM) surveyed 1,600 adult Russians about video games. Below are the main results of the study.


  • 22% of the VTsIOM respondents in Russia play video games. Another 21% used to play but have stopped over time.
  • 30% of all surveyed men are gamers. Among women, the share of gamers is smaller — 16%.
  • The highest number of gamers is among Russians aged 18-23 years (59%) and 24-32 years (41%).
  • The largest share of gamers is among Russians with high incomes — 27%. Additionally, 22% of respondents with average incomes and 17% with low incomes are keen on video games.
  • 74% of Russian gamers play on PC at least occasionally. 55% play on smartphones. Following in popularity are PlayStation (22%), tablets (17%), Xbox (11%), Nintendo Switch (5%), and Steam Deck (3%). It’s important to note that the survey allowed selecting multiple devices.
  • 56% of the surveyed gamers have not played video games from domestic developers for at least the last two to three years. Another 17% of gamers found it difficult to answer.