Plarium has achieved a new achievement. The total user spending in its games on Google Play and the App Store reached $3.37 billion, according to a report from the AppMagic analytical platform.

RAID: Shadow Legends

Important: the amount of $3.37 billion is net user spending before Plarium paid mobile store fees and taxes. If you subtract them, Plarium's earnings will be approximately $1.8 billion.

  • According to AppMagic data, residents of the United States spent the most money in the company's games — 53% of all spending accounted for this market share. Russia (7%), Germany (7%), the United Kingdom (5%) and Canada (3.6%) also entered the top 5 markets for user spending.
  • Google Play has brought Plarium more than the App Store. It accounted for 61% of user spending.
  • RAID: Shadow Legends is the IAP revenue leader among the company's games. Gamers left 57% of the $3.37 billion in it. Next are Vikings: War of Clans (24%) and Mech Arena (4%).
  • Analysts pointed out that after the release of RAID: Shadow Legends in February 2019, annual user spending in Vikings: War of Clans has been steadily decreasing — by an average of 20%. In particular, in 2019, they decreased by 22% from $74.8 million to $58.5 million. In the first 11 months of 2023, gamers spent only $20.6 million in Vikings: War of Clans. Nevertheless, Plarium continues to develop the game and regularly releases updates for it with new features and events.

Plarium revenue dynamics

  • To date, Plarium games have collected a total of 249.95 million downloads. Most of all in the USA (46 million), Russia (28.8 million), India (23.9 million), Brazil (13.7 million) and Germany (10.5 million).
  • It is noteworthy that in the period from January to November 2023, the main market for downloads was not the United States, but India. Since the beginning of the year, Indian gamers have downloaded Plarium games 4.66 million times, which is 28% more than in the same period in 2022. Gamers from the USA generated 4.38 million downloads.
  • The most downloaded Plarium game is RAID: Shadow Legends. During the entire operation, she collected 74 million downloads. Mech Arena took the second place — it has 46.18 million downloads. Vikings: War of Clans rounded out the top three with 35.87 million downloads.

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