Next year, the Unreal Engine will switch to a new pricing model for corporate clients not related to game development — film companies, car brands and others. This was announced by the head of Epic Games Tim Sweeney during a speech at the Unreal Fest 2023 conference.

Epic Games will offer such customers to purchase a corporate license with a fee for jobs, similar to the one offered by the creators of Maya and Photoshop. "It's not going to be extraordinarily expensive or extraordinarily cheap," Sweeney said.

The company will announce the exact date of the transition to the new model and its conditions later. Sweeney said he now wanted to briefly announce the upcoming changes "for transparency."

Separately, Sweeney recalled that "commissions of other engines have recently been discussed in the gaming industry." He said that since Unreal Engine started taking a 5% commission in 2014, Epic Games has been talking exclusively about a possible reduction in the amount of deductions.

"We've talked about this repeatedly, and the last conversation ended with the words 'We really need money,'" Sweeney jokingly said. Therefore, in the near future, the commission of 5% for game developers will not change.

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