Unity has summed up the financial results of the third quarter of 2023. She said that compared to last year, her revenue increased by 69%. The growth could have been even greater, but in September, after widespread criticism of the new pricing policy of the engine, its revenues decreased slightly.

▫️The entire company earned $544.2 million in July-September.

▫️The revenue of the Grow Solutions segment (monetization tools) amounted to $355 million, jumping by 166% year-on-year.

▫️The revenue of the Create Solutions segment (development tools) remained unchanged for the year and amounted to $189 million.

Unity's net loss was $125.3 million. For comparison: in the third quarter of 2022, it was $250 million.

Unity noted that the Runtime Fee scandal has led to short-term problems. The company expects that when gaming companies adapt to the changes, its financial situation will improve.

Unity does not rule out that it will lay off again and close a number of offices. The company explained that it intends to review its portfolio and focus on "the most valuable projects for customers." She is also going to carefully analyze current expenses.

Unity report for the third quarter of 2023
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