Ziva Dynamics is a company that deals with technologies of complex modeling and deformation in real time. Her tools are used to create realistic 3D models of people, animals and other creatures. The other day, Unity, the company that owns Ziva Dynamics, decided to abandon their support.

Unity has announced that it will no longer support Ziva VFX, Ziva Real-Time, Ziva Face Trainer and other Ziva Dynamics tools. She has already withdrawn them from sale.

According to Unity, it made the decision as part of the "reboot" program, which started at the end of 2023. Unity now intends to pay more attention to the engine, cloud technologies and monetization solutions. Support for Ziva Dynamics tools did not match its plans.

Unity added that users who have not yet run out of a license for Ziva Dynamics tools can extend it for five years.

Unity also announced that it has signed an exclusive deal with DNEG, a company specializing in special effects and computer animation. She granted DNEG a perpetual license for all Ziva Dynamics tools. In its blog, DNEG stated that a "significant part" of Ziva Dynamics employees will also join its team. What will happen to the rest of the staff is unknown.

Unity bought Ziva Dynamics in January 2022 for an undisclosed amount. At that time, Unity claimed that it wanted to "democratize" the company's tools and make them more accessible and profitable for developers.

Ziva Dynamics has collaborated with many game and film companies. Her tools were used, for example, in both parts of Hellblade and films like Godzilla vs. Kong, Fantastic Beasts and Where They Live and Venom.

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