After massive outrage from developers, Unity introduced an updated version of its pricing policy. The Runtime Fee will only be charged to Unity Pro and Enterprise customers. At the same time, the system itself should become more transparent.

So, the main changes:

The commission will apply only to games with revenue over $1 million in the last 12 months and a total number of installations over 1 million;
The Runtime Fee is relevant only for the next LTS release (will be released in 2024) – existing versions of projects created on previous versions of the engine will not be subject to commission until they are updated to a fresh release.;
Developers will have a choice — either to share 2.5% of revenue with Unity, or pay for installations over the threshold.;
At the same time, Unity will rely only on data from customers, and not on its own calculations — for greater transparency;
▪️ Only “initial interactions” with the game will be taken into account — i.e. reinstallations and other cases will not be subject to commission;
▪️Unity Personal will remain a free plan and will not be subject to a Runtime Fee, besides, developers will now be able to remove the “Made with Unity” splash screen.

To help developers better understand the new pricing policy, Unity has also launched a special online calculator for approximate calculation of both the percentage of revenue and installation fees.