It took the game a little over a year and a half to achieve this figure. The project was released in March 2022.

These two million are not equal to sales. Weird West has been in the Game Pass since its release (however, since this September it has not been there, but in October it appeared in the PlayStation Plus subscription).

Exactly how the audience was distributed between those who purchased the game and those who tried it as part of Microsoft and Sony subscriptions is not disclosed.

Note that the title has almost 2,800 reviews on Steam, most of which (77%) are positive.

Milestone was shared on the social network X by the developer of the game WolfEye Studios.

Recall that the latter was founded in 2019 by people from Arkane Studios, led by Raphael Colantonio, creative director of the Dishonored series, as well as the games Dark Messiah: Might and Magic and Prey (2017).

The studio is currently based in Austin (USA) and Toronto (Canada).

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WolfEye Studios