Tim Sweeney is not against the Epic Games Store (EGS) releasing games created with the help of artificial intelligence. This was stated by the head of Epic Games in a comment to the developer’s tweet, who complained about the Steam rules.

In his tweet, the developer shared the story of how Steam removed the game due to the use of ChatGPT in it. In response, Sweeney advised to publish the project in EGS and stated that his platform does not prohibit working with new technologies.

Steam has already refused to publish games with generated AI content, referring to “legal uncertainty” in the field of copyright. Sweeney admits that AI can cause copyright issues, since it learns from billions of other people’s works. But if we follow this logic, the head of Epic Games notes, then claims can be made against both human artists and other creators whose works are derived from everything they have ever seen.

Sweeney added that everything he wrote was solely his thoughts. Epic Games does not use the content posted in EGS and other services of the company to train generative AI.


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