Dmitry Filatov, a former producer of MGVC and Owlcat Games, announced the launch of an accelerator for Narhwal game developers.


Filatov acts as the co-founder and CEO of the company. Together with him in the team:

  • the second founder and investment director is Grigory Bortnik, investment manager of The Games Fund, Owlcat Games and editor of InvestGame;
  • The executive producer is Vitaly Abramov, who previously served in a similar position at Xsolla.

The accelerator's advisors are:

  • Ilya Karpinsky, co-founder of Hobby World, The Games Fund, Area of Games and Owlcat Games, as well as a former top manager Mail.Ru Group, MY.GAMES and MGVC;
  • Ilya Eremeev, co-founder and Managing Partner of The Games Fund, former producer of A-Steroids Studios, Game Insight and MGVC;
  • Igor Gaivoronsky, Chief Operating Officer of Owlcat Games and Area of Games, previously Executive Director of MGVC.

The company's partners are: Owlcat Games, The Games Fund, InvestGame, AppMagic and Edvice.

The accelerator sees its mission as helping young teams:

  • find a publisher or investor;
  • Assemble a team;
  • Go through the legal delays;
  • provide a minimum start-up capital (in the amount of up to $ 100 thousand).

"It has become more difficult to find investments now. The expectations and demands from the teams have increased. And we set ourselves an ambitious and important goal for the industry — to help successfully go through the first stages of business formation, find funding and publishers. We thoughtfully assembled our accelerator. We talked to investors, publishers, developers and platforms. We were figuring out what the market is missing right now, what really needs to be helped," Filatov comments on the launch of the initiative.

All this, of course, is not for nothing, but in exchange for a small share in the company.

In its portfolio, the accelerator mentions gaming teams such as 1 Million Bits Horde, Obelisk Studio, Lategame Studio and GigaSwords.