Job search ads from Belka Games employees began appearing en masse on LinkedIn yesterday. Judging by them, the cuts primarily affected line specialists.

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Among those fired are specialists in narrative design, recruiting, 2D art and technical art, as well as game designers, community managers and even several team leaders.

In total, we counted around 30 profiles marked Open to work.

The company has not yet issued an official statement. There are currently three vacancies on the official Belka Games website.

According to AppMagic, 2023 was a difficult year for the company. Its mobile revenue fell to a level of 5-6 million dollars per month (in the peak year for the company in 2021, it was 10-11 million dollars).


Dynamics of sales and downloads of Belka Games products (blue curve — revenue, red curve - downloads)

According to analytics, in the second half of 2023, the company began to increase traffic purchases. In December, monthly volumes reached the level of 2021. The problem is that this has not led to a comparable increase in earnings.

In February 2024, the company's mobile revenue fell to $4.6 million. The last time the company earned this much was in mid-2019.

Considering that now the daily revenue of Belka Games is in the region of 120-150 thousand dollars, its revenue for April may be in the region of 4 million dollars.


Belka Games shared an official comment on the situation in the company from Alexander Bogdanov, CEO of Belka Games:

"The company has adjusted its strategy, as a result of which we have become more critical of the products. A difficult decision was made to reduce 20% of the team. We are grateful to everyone for their invaluable contribution to the development of Belka Games, and we use all our resources so that the guys can find new career opportunities.

The company plans to focus on developing new hits and prepare for the next stage of growth."