The Serbian Gaming Association (SGA) has published a report on the Serbian gaming industry by the end of 2022. We briefly share the main thing from it.

In 2022, the number of gaming teams in Serbia increased by 10. At the end of December, there were 140 companies in the country. They employed 1,744 people.

▪️SGA did not report how much the revenue of the country’s gaming industry amounted to. But she noted that the 15 largest companies earned a total of €150 million. This is 20‱ more than in 2021.

▪️90% of the companies participating in the SGA survey received 75-100% of revenue outside Serbia.

▪️45% of the companies’ revenue came from mobile games, 36% from PC games, 13% from browser games and games for social networks, 5% from console games and 2% from VR games.

Games developed in Serbia have been bought and downloaded over 100 million times in a year.


Serbian Gaming Association