There are no more game engines in the registry of domestic software. On February 20, UNIGINE was removed from it by the decision of the expert council under the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation.

The registry's website says that UNIGINE was excluded due to non-compliance with current requirements. It is not explained which specific rules the authors of the engine violated.

The Kommersant newspaper, citing a market source, writes that the problem may be in the UNIGINE license agreement. According to it, companies using the engine are required to comply with "all national and international laws," including "restrictions established in the EU and other countries and regions." However, the registry rules state that programs should be freely distributed in Russia without any restrictions from foreign countries.

The authors of the engine claim that the problem is technical in nature, and expect to return it to the registry.

"We were notified of the change in the questionnaire on January 23, and were asked to complete the information in a new format. Clarifying documents were sent, but we were temporarily removed from the register, citing another technical requirement that did not exist before," UNIGINE CEO Denis Shergin said in a comment to Kommersant.

UNIGINE has been on the register since April 2021. It is assumed that over time, the Nau Engine will also appear in the list. While it is under active development, its release is scheduled for the end of 2025.

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