A group of Russian senators and deputies proposed to streamline the work of creative industries in the country. The relevant bill was submitted to the State Duma for consideration.

According to officials, there are now about 20 laws in Russia that regulate various creative industries. However, they have different conceptual apparatus, and more than ten authorities are responsible for their execution. This makes it difficult to develop a creative economy.

The authors of the bill write that it is necessary to agree on what is considered a creative industry. They prepared the following definition: "this is an economic activity directly related to the creation, promotion in the domestic and foreign markets, distribution and (or) sale of creative products with uniqueness and economic value."

Such industries include, in particular, the sphere of "information and telecommunication technologies". According to the bill, it includes software developers, game studios, organizations specializing in data processing, mass media, advertising companies and publishing companies.

Officials want to create a unified register of participants in creative industries, which will contain information about companies registered in Russia, individual entrepreneurs and individuals applying a special tax regime "Professional income Tax". They also propose to prescribe what measures of state support and on what conditions the industries will receive.

Draft law "On the Development of Creative (Creative) Industries in the Russian Federation"
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