Kevin Bentley, one of the developers of Descent 3, announced the discovery of the game's source code. The shooter's code can now be found on GitHub.

Descent 3

The archive includes an unreleased patch 1.5, but it lacks some libraries with audio and video files. For example, some of the cut scenes were not archived. Bentley explained that he had this data, but it needed to be put in order.

The developer said that he wants to clean up the rest of the game's code. He will be glad if someone decides to help him.

"Most of the code was written by a really great team, but don't forget that we were much younger and less experienced back then," Bentley added.

Descent 3 is a first—person shooter in which the user plays as a spaceship pilot. The game was developed by the now-closed Outrage Entertainment, and published by Interplay Entertainment. Descent 3 was released in 1999 on PC.

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