Aggro Crab indie studio co-founder Nick Kaman discussed the successes of the underwater soulslike game Another Crab’s Treasure in a conversation with GameDiscoverCo.

Another Crab’s Treasure

Key Figures:

  • game sales exceeded 250,000 copies in less than a month. Another Crab’s Treasure was released on April 25;
  • 60% of the copies were on Steam, 20% on PlayStation 5, and 20% on Nintendo Switch;
  • Kaman did not disclose how many Game Pass subscribers played Another Crab's Treasure. According to GameDiscoverCo estimates, the game's total audience including Game Pass exceeds one million people.

According to Kaman, Another Crab’s Treasure managed to achieve good results due to a well-chosen approach to the genre. Aggro Crab's creation is a funny game that still adheres to all the key principles of soulslikes. “A whimsical take on the soulslike genre is definitely one of our main hooks. It's kind of crazy that no one else has approached it this way,” Kaman said.

The Aggro Crab team also tried to make the narrative multi-layered. It includes not only humor but also dark notes, making Another Crab’s Treasure more intense than it initially appeared.

An important factor in the game's success was the studio’s active engagement with social media. According to Kaman, they couldn't just hope that platform holders, the press, and streamers would draw enough attention to the game. The developers of Another Crab’s Treasure took matters into their own hands and regularly posted on X and TikTok.