The release of Spirittea has become one of the largest in the history of indie publishing house No More Robots. According to the head of the company Mike Rose, the game paid off on the very first day, and its profit for the debut week was three times higher than the development costs.

Rose noted that Steam has become the weakest platform for Spirittea in terms of revenue. This is an atypical situation for his company. Usually the titles published by No More Robots start well on Steam, and only then they begin to earn actively on consoles. According to Rose, one of the reasons for this is the appearance on the Valve site of an increasing number of AAA games that attract a lot of attention.

80% of Spirittea's revenue came from Xbox and Nintendo Switch. In addition, the simulator hit the tops of the best-selling games in the Nintendo eShop in all regions.

Rose also said that more than 150 thousand people played in Spirittea during the week. Of these, 100 thousand are Game Pass subscribers.

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Mike Rose