Gorilla Tag is a multiplayer VR game in which users can race, catch other players, and participate in slingshot shootouts as gorillas. According to the studio Another Axiom, Gorilla Tag has earned over $100 million in the three years of its existence.

Gorilla Tag

The developers also reported that, to date, 10 million people have played Gorilla Tag. They did not specify how the audience is divided among different VR headset versions. Instead, they stated that Gorilla Tag is currently the most popular game on the Meta Quest Store*.

The monthly active audience of Gorilla Tag is 3 million people. Every day, over 1 million people launch the game. The average gameplay session lasts an hour.

Gorilla Tag initially launched in early access on Steam in 2021. At that time, it was handled by just one developer, Kerestell Smith, but the project team gradually grew to several dozen people. The full release of the game took place in January 2023.

*Part of Meta, an organization recognized as extremist in Russia. Meta's activities are banned within the country.


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