The Realm Online — MMORPG, launched in December 1996, may close soon. Realm Worlds studio, which is currently supporting the game, has announced plans to turn off the servers.

In their appeal, the developers said that recently the project has been earning less and less, and the amount of deductions to its rightholder Norseman Game s, on the contrary, has been growing. Because of this, the studio did not have enough money to create new content. In addition, all Realm Worlds employees have not received compensation payments for more than a year (note. usually they mean salaries, bonuses and benefits).

In March 2023, Realm Worlds decided to buy the rights to the game from Norseman Games, but the company did not agree to the deal.

According to Realm Worlds, The Realm Online servers will stop working on June 30. The developers have promised to store player data for five years in case they manage to negotiate with Norseman Games later.

Norseman Games has already released a response statement. She did not comment on the offer of Realm Worlds, but said that she would try to support the project herself. She intends to transfer data from the Despothes server to the cloud’ Grove, which was last updated in 2008.


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