Within the Russian media space, the release of the Russian game "Smuta" was noticeable. Only on the Twitch platform, the game was simultaneously streamed to 206 channels, which were watched by a little more than 75 thousand people.

App2Top found out this information using the Steam Charts service. According to him, online did not last long at this level. By the evening of yesterday, it fell to 14 thousand, and today it is 10 thousand.

On the one hand, it is incorrect to compare with any other title here, since games are usually released globally and are not limited to any locale. Accordingly, there are streams all over the world.

On the other hand, comparison is necessary to understand the orders. Take for example the recent release in a similar genre — Dragon's Dogma II. At its peak, this Japanese project gathered up to 186,000 people on 4509 streams on Twitch.

As for the sales of "Distemper" on the VK Play platform, of which it is an exclusive, there is no information on them. Unfortunately, there are no services/data that allow you to evaluate sales based on the number of user reviews.

By the time this news was written, a little more than 600 people had rated Smute. By Steam standards, it's not much. On the Valve platform, the median coefficient is 30. That is, if the game were distributed on Steam and it had 600 reviews, its sales could be estimated at 18 thousand copies.

The score of "Troubles" on VK Play is 6.4 points out of 10.