Nexon announced that it is satisfied with The First Descendant's initial performance. The company also noted that half of the game's active audience comes from the console version.

The First Descendant

Nexon did not disclose how many people play The First Descendant on consoles. Instead, the company boasted that the recent peak number of concurrent players in The First Descendant on Steam exceeded 260,000, most of whom are residents of North America. Based on this number, the South Korean portal GameMeca speculated that the peak total online presence for The First Descendant could have been over half a million people.

According to data from the service SteamDB, The First Descendant is currently the third* most popular game of 2024 on Steam by online numbers. Only Palworld (2.1 million players) and Helldivers 2 (458.7 thousand players) had higher numbers. At the same time, its rating is "mixed." Out of 42.2 thousand reviews on Steam, only 51% are positive. Players criticize The First Descendant for aggressive monetization and lack of originality.

*We are not counting Banana, which has over 917 thousand players online, as a significant portion of the audience are bots.