A new indie hit has appeared on Steam—Rooftops & Alleys: The Parkour Game, a parkour simulator by German solo developer Michel Losch. In a conversation with game expert Simon Carless, the game's creator shared how the project managed to achieve success.

Rooftops & Alleys: The Parkour Game

Rooftops & Alleys was released on May 21. According to its developer, it sold 70,000 copies in its first month. It currently has 2,500 reviews on Steam, 97% of which are positive.

There are four key reasons for the game's success:

  • Rooftops & Alleys is one of the very few high-quality "vanilla" parkour games on Steam. Usually, parkour is just one element of the gameplay;
  • Rooftops & Alleys features advanced graphics and animations for an indie game. Losch created his project using Unreal Engine 5 and the Cascadeur tool;
  • Parkour videos are quite popular on social media, so it's no surprise that videos of Rooftops & Alleys went viral too. The game's trailer has garnered 379,000 views on YouTube, and videos from the official TikTok account have collectively amassed nearly a million likes;
  • The popularity of the parkour theme led to natural SEO promotion for the game. Rooftops & Alleys appears on the first page of Google search results when searching for "parkour game."