The hacker group BlackSuit reported hacking the internal network of Kadokawa, the parent company of the developers of Dark Souls and Elden Ring. According to the perpetrators, they gained access to 1.5 TB of confidential data.

Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree

The hackers claim they have obtained Kadokawa's legal documents, business plans, financial reports, user and employee information, project data, and much more. They threaten to release all this information publicly if Kadokawa does not pay the ransom by July 1, 2024. They stated that Kadokawa tried to make a deal, but offered an amount "too small for this company."

In an official statement, Kadokawa acknowledged the hack. They reported that the hackers stole the data on June 8, and an investigation is currently underway. It is known that the Niconico service was significantly affected by the breach, but it is not specified whether the hacker attack impacted FromSoftware.


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