The Australian gambling giant Aristocrat has begun a strategic analysis of its portfolio of mobile casual and midcore games. It is possible that following the results of the audit, he may sell Plarium and Big Fish Games (but not Big Fish Social Casino) or their assets.

Aristocrat reported this in its financial report. He clarified that he has not yet made any decisions and is considering all options for the future of the subsidiaries. The main task is to "increase shareholder value and ensure the continued success of these enterprises."

In the same report, Aristocrat noted that Plarium and Big Fish Games are its important assets, thanks to which it was able to cope with the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. They also made a great contribution to the business development of the group of companies.

Revenue from Pixel United, which includes Plarium and Big Fish Games along with Product Madness, fell by 1% to $872.2 million in October 2023 - March 2024. Revenues from social casino games increased by 2.4% to $496.3 million, revenues from RPG, strategy and action games fell by 4.2% to $ 283.7 million, and revenues from casual games fell by 7% to $97.2 million. The most profitable game of the division in this half—year is RAID: Shadow Legends, whose revenues amounted to 220.9 million dollars (-0.7%).