Unity has found a successor to John Riccitiello, who left the post of CEO in the fall of 2023 after a scandal with an updated pricing policy. She announced that from May 15, 2024, this position will be held by Matthew Bromberg.

James M. Whitehurst, who is now interim CEO, will become Executive Chairman of Unity's board of directors. He will replace Roelof Botha, who, in turn, will be appointed Senior Independent Director of the Board of Directors.

According to Unity documents, Bromberg will receive an incentive bonus upon taking office in the amount of $ 2 million and 1.03 million shares of the company (plus an option to purchase another 1 million shares). His base annual salary will be 850 thousand dollars, and the top manager will also receive bonuses depending on the company's results.

Bromberg has been working in the gaming industry for over 20 years. During his career, he managed to hold senior positions in many companies. For example, Bromberg was the chief operating officer of Zynga for five years, overseeing game development, analytics, advertising and technology. Under him, Zynga's capitalization grew by $ 10 billion. Bromberg was also previously the general manager of BioWare and Senior Vice President of Strategy and Operations for Electronic Arts Mobile.

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