The Nau Engine team shared new details about the game engine. Among other things, she announced plans to add support for neural networks to the engine. She also thinks to give developers the opportunity to connect the necessary AI solutions to the Nau Engine themselves.

In addition, it is reported that developers will be able to work with the Nau Engine on all modern operating systems, including Linux. Programming will be possible in C#, C++ and scripting languages, and zero-coding tools will be available. According to the creators of the Nau Engine, the engine will allow you to make games for smartphones, PCs and browsers, but whether it will support consoles, the engine team is still difficult to say.

Also, the engine will add support for all common graphics APIs like DirectX 12, Vulkan and Metal, and ray tracing and DLSS technologies.

It is assumed that the closed testing of the alpha version of the Nau Engine will start before the end of the year.

Update: Initially, the article mentioned that Nau Engine belongs to VK. Then an advertising agency representing VK Play contacted the editors of App2Top, at his request we removed the mention and wrote that a separate team was engaged in the engine.


Nau Engine