“Vintorog” is a game developer and publisher founded by employees of IThub Group and HSE. The company announced it has raised 12 million rubles from an angel investor.

The funds were invested in “Vintorog” by Ivan Eliseev, the CEO of the Northwest Pipe Company. The deal with him is part of a larger financing round of 50 million rubles, which has not yet been fully closed.

“Vintorog” plans to use the funds to scale up, including developing new games. The company noted that the games will be targeted at both the Russian and international markets.

“Vintorog” was founded in 2023. Even before its official launch, it managed to work on more than 30 projects for different platforms: browsers, PCs, mobile devices, and VR headsets. Its portfolio includes, for example, the musical VR game Cream Soda Club, the game for restoring fine motor skills in stroke survivors Neuro-Kinesis, the card strategy game The 90s, and the economic simulator “Kamchatka.”

Vintorog Press Release
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