Representatives of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation told the RBC newspaper that they are ready to study the proposal on labeling games supplied to Russia. This idea was proposed by the association "R.A.D.I. Video Games".

Contraband Police

The Association proposed labeling all officially imported physical editions of games with a special QR code. According to the plan, the sale of games without a QR code on the packaging will have to be completely banned. According to R.A.D.I. Video Games, this will help combat illegal imports and will not affect the cost of games.

"All white importers are already applying stickers with information about the age rating on the front side of the product and stickers with legal information on the reverse side. If a QR code is added to this, then no additional costs will be required," explained R.A.D.I. Video Games.

According to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the initiative can be implemented as part of an experiment on labeling certain types of radio electronics in the national Honest Sign system, which began in December 2023. But first we need to work out the nomenclature of games and prescribe possible violations.

R.A.D.I. Video Games is not against organizing all the processes on its own and investing in the creation of a game labeling system, but only if the authorities really prohibit the sale of games without labeling. Representatives of the operator of the Honest Sign system told RBC that they were also ready to mark the games if the government made a decision.

Earlier, R.A.D.I. Video Games proposed to the government to create a register of imported games, which will include information on sales of the games themselves — both physical and digital editions — and their suppliers.

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