Tiny Glade is an enchanting simulator where players build castles on lawns without resource constraints. Indie studio Pounce Light announced that the project has been added to the wishlist of over one million Steam users.

Tiny Glade

The developers admitted that they did not expect such popularity. They believed that Tiny Glade would be a "very niche game." In gratitude, the authors extended access to the demo version. It was supposed to close on June 17 after the Steam "Next Fest," but now it will remain open until June 23.

Tiny Glade attracted players' attention immediately after it appeared on Steam in December 2022. Earlier, Pounce Light mentioned that the project gathered 10,000 wishlists within the first 24 hours, and within six months, the number exceeded 420,000. Currently, Tiny Glade ranks 17th on Valve's list of most wished-for games.

The release of Tiny Glade is planned for the third quarter of 2024.


Tiny Glade